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 Hawaii Relocation

The City of Honolulu is located on the beautiful island of Oahu. The Hawaiian Islands consist of seven main islands, of which Oahu is the centerpiece and economic "gathering place". Honolulu has a population of over 400,000 residents. Honolulu county holds a population of approximately 900,000 residents, and is the most populated counties in the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, almost a third of the entire population of the Hawaiian Islands live within the Honolulu county.

In 1958 sugar and pineapple were Hawaii's primary economic activities. Today, Hawaii and Honolulu County are globally renown as a premier tourism destination. Hawaii's visitor industry now focuses on opening new markets, enhancing the visitor experience and increasing visitor satisfaction. Honolulu is a harbor city at the southern end of Oahu, the most visited island of the Hawaiian archipelago. The city lies 2550 miles (4100km) southwest of Los Angles; 3860 miles (6220km) southeast of Tokyo; 5060 miles (8150km) northeast of Sydney; and 1470 miles (2370km) north of the equator. Not surprisingly, its a major hub for trans-Pacific air travel.

Honolulu offers first rate attractions such as museums, state monuments, parks, beaches, zoos, and other diversions. Honolulu is home to one of the most famous beach areas in the world, Waikiki. Some cultural attractions to be found in Honolulu are, The Symphony and its famous zoo. Both are mainstays in Honolulu city culture and family life. The Honolulu Zoo was the first to breed and successfully hatch Galapagos tortoises in captivity. The Waikiki Aquarium, founded in 1904, is the third oldest public aquarium in the United States. A part of the University of Hawaii, the Aquarium is located next to a living reef on the Waikiki shoreline. Chinatown is Honolulu's most exciting and mysterious neighborhood. This historic district is located in downtown Honolulu, and has long been a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

According to the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, the median sales price of single family homes in Honolulu is lower than many other leading U.S. Coastal locations. The average estimated housing value for the city is $495,000, compared to San Diego at $549,000. Additionally with the sales price of condominiums and townhouses included, Honolulu offers an affordable mix of housing possibilities at reasonable prices. The average house hold income in the Honolulu county is $87,000. These two numbers combined with a low unemployment rate, makes living in Honolulu a sound economic idea.

Honolulu offers unparalleled food and dining through an eclectic variety of world class restaurants, cafes and other eateries that match its rainbow of cultures. Pacific Regional Cuisine is a unique blend of Asian, Western, and Polynesian preparations that is found nowhere but in Hawaii. Some of the finest dining in the world can be found in Honolulu and nearby Waikiki. Additionally if shopping is important to you, Honolulu has some of the most exotic and glamorous shops to be found anywhere. Honolulu also boasts of having one of the largest open-aired shopping malls in the United States, The Ala Moana Shopping Center, Honolulu, Hawaii.

The University of Hawaii is the largest public university in Hawaii. Its largest campus is in the lush Manoa valley, five minutes from downtown Honolulu. In addition, there are four community colleges within the Honolulu county. Private universities operating in Honolulu include , Chaminade University of Honolulu, Hawaii Pacific University, Brigham Young University Hawaii and the University of Phoenix. The public school system is also very strong with over 25 schools, elementary through high school, operating in the Honolulu county. Additionally there are private schools available throughout the islands. Honolulu county prides itself on its "individual based education system", allowing teachers to have smaller class sizes with more individualized attention.

Honolulu is sophisticated, lively, as well as breathtakingly beautiful. It has more in the way of arts, culture, and entertainment than most cities on the mainland. It has an abundance of galleries, nightclubs, and museums, a major zoo, aquarium, Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri, the list goes on and on. The people themselves project "the aloha spirit" of Honolulu. The climate in Honolulu is one of the most prized in the world. All these great factors add up to make Honolulu one of the best relocation destinations in the world.

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